About Us

Welcome to Akij Ceramics

Akij Ceramics Limited, of Akij Group, has started its journey in March, 2012. Since then grown stronger with its hard work, innovations and patronage from our discerning customers. In a short span of time, Akij Ceramics has become one of the strong players in Tiles Industry of Bangladesh. The factory is located at Mukkhopur, Trishal in Mymensingh. It has a ceramic and porcelain facility sprawling over 49500 sq.m per day. This is the country’s one of the largest capacity with multiple lines of production ensuring availability of international standard and wide ranges of designs & Sizes.

Tiles in various sizes come in a wide range of colors and textures to complement bathrooms, living rooms, corridors, study rooms & kitchen, born out of an inspired creativity of those who feel that rooms should be an extension of the beauty reflected. Akij Ceramics uses international standard machines to deliver the best and competitive designs along with the complete guarantee of lifelong durability of its floor and wall tiles which are made in standard universal measurements.

Akij Ceramics is one of the firsts to take the initiative in carbon trading in Bangladesh. In hopes of controlling pollution, Akij Ceramics is providing economic incentives to achieve reductions in the emissions of pollutants. Through the usage of the latest technologies in its facilities, Akij Ceramics is working hard to minimize its carbon footprint. The carbon emission reductions are made possible by technical assistance from a famous European company.
Brilliant designs along with a complete guarantee of durability are a promise that Akij Ceramics Limited are providing.